By: Jack Cartwright / 28th January 2019


We are delighted to announce that Nathan Owen has been promoted to the position of General Manufacturing Manager.

Please see below a statement from our Manufacturing Director Richard Else.

“This is a new position within Tiger Trailers Ltd recognising our recent move to Tiger 2 and the leadership that is required to deliver our ambitious plans for the business through 2019 and beyond.  This role will also be instrumental in developing and delivering the Tiger Manufacturing Operating System tools and processes as we drive for improved Safety, Quality and Productivity.

Over the last 4 years , in particular the last 12 months, Nathan has made a considerable effort and contribution to the growth of the business. His skill levels , knowledge and hard work and determination to succeed , is inspiring for everyone in the business.

Nathan has worked tirelessly on the tiger transition to our new factory, which he has managed seamlessly.

The Directors know he will succeed in his new role and look forward to the future working with him and his team. I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating Nathan on his new appointment and support him in his new role.”

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