Tiger Trailers Deck Pod

Tiger has utilised its extensive industry knowledge in the design and manufacture of moving deck trailers to create a complete loading solution – the Tiger Trailers Deck Pod™.

Suitable for both single and double deck trailers, it can be designed to meet exact customer requirements, offering significantly faster loading and unloading times compared to competitor systems.

  • “Tiger’s Deck Pods not only look good but are far more efficient than any that I have previously used. An innovative design in delivering pallets or cages to the various trailer heights required. Keep up the great work.”

    Andrew Short, Distribution Development Manager

  • “Tiger Trailers is the UK’s only trailer chassis and body manufacturer to also provide a trailer loading and unloading system for both single and double deck trailers. Each Tiger Trailers Deck Pod can be designed to suit your exact size and individual requirements.”

    Steven Cartwright, Joint Managing Director, Tiger Trailers

What sets the Tiger Trailers Deck Pod apart:

  • Warehouse level access – no decline ramp on entry
  • Designed to facilitate customer-specific pallet capacity requirements
  • Optimum space utilisation
    • Only requires one conventional warehouse bay
    • Designed with a narrower external width, yet wider internal platform size, than any competitor system
  • Internal platform designed to accommodate two rows of pallets with room for operator and PPT (powered pallet truck)
  • Hydraulic, self-levelling deck mechanism – fewer moving parts than traditional pulley designs, meaning less maintenance required
  • Better operator working environment – including translucent cladding and added safety features
  • Intuitive operation with simple LED interface
  • Efficient installation process – we will ensure minimum disruption to your existing operation
  • 12-month service package and Tiger 24/7 customer support
  • Full training provided by Tiger 24/7



Every Tiger Trailers Deck Pod™ is designed to suit individual customer operations, with varying capacities available. For the launch customer, Tiger was tasked to substantially increase the efficiency of its loading and unloading procedures, specifically when compared to its existing competitor loading pods. To meet that brief, Tiger offered the 14-pallet capacity Deck Pod.


You can download your digital copy here


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