About Tiger Trailers

Based in a modern, state-of-the-art facility in Winsford, Cheshire, Tiger Trailers is one of the UK’s leading trailer and bodywork manufacturers.

Founded in 2014 by brothers, John and Steven Cartwright, Tiger is built on a strong family history of manufacturing trailers and rigid bodies for the commercial vehicle sector.

Our ethos is to provide customers with innovative design solutions, outstanding build quality and a personal service that surpasses all others in the industry.

With plans to expand into a new, purpose-built factory near to our current home, we are already looking to the future, fully committed to growing as a company, investing in local talent and developing our customer base across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our Team

John Cartwright Joint Managing Director

John started his career in the industry in 1983 as an apprentice at The Cartwright Group. Since then he has gained more than 30 years invaluable experi…

Steven Cartwright Joint Managing Director

Like older brother, John, Steven also began his career at The Cartwright Group, joining as an apprentice bodybuilder in 1984. With more than 30 years…

Darren Holland Sales Director

Starting his career at Boalloy in 1987, Darren has also worked in the trailer industry for more than 30 years, gaining ONC, HNC and HND awards along the …

Hiren Bakhda Commercial Director

Having worked in the commercial vehicle finance sector for more than 20 years, Hiren now leads our Tiger Finance team, working hard to provide every T…

Chris Smith Finance Director

After graduating with a degree in Economics, Chris took his first steps in a career in finance when he joined Ernst & Young, subsequently qualify…

Daniel Challinor Tiger 24/7 Operations Director

Daniel has spent more than 15 years working in the commercial vehicle sector, acquiring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise – putting his …

Marcus Field Engineering Manager

Marcus has a strong background in sheet metal fabrication with 15 years’ experience using various CAD packages and nine years’ experience …

Nathan Owen Production Manager

Nathan began his career in the semi-trailer and commercial vehicle bodywork industry at apprentice level, and has since worked his way up to become P…

Tom Stott Technical Sales Manager: Midlands, North Wales, Eastern Counties

Tom began his career as an apprentice aged 16, before moving to Production Planning and Warranty. Now he is based in our Sales division.…

Paul Evans Technical Sales Manager: Northern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Paul brings with him nearly 40 years of knowledge and experience from within the trailer and bodybuilding industry, and heads up our Northern Sales d…


New factory in 2019

January 2019 will see us move into a brand-new, purpose-built factory, located on a 20-acre green field site on the same industrial estate as our current base.

The new factory has been designed over a 12-month period to our exacting specifications:

The new site will feature:

  • Chassis fabrication, body assembly, paint and final finish under one roof
  • Double the production capacity
  • Bespoke 3D engineering suite
  • Improved customer and supplier meeting environments
  • Specialist training facility
  • Unique product showroom (a UK first)
  • Larger external trailer and car parks

A totally fresh approach to design

Tiger Trailers is a design-led business, comprising a team that genuinely thrives on engineering challenges. Our ethos is to combine our extensive design and engineering knowledge with the latest manufacturing techniques.

Every order placed with Tiger Trailers is immediately assigned a project engineer for the entire build process, from design and manufacturing, through to final sign off.

Once we have agreed a brief, our powerful 3D SolidworksTM program is used to produce an accurate representation of the design. The customer is then invited to view the technical drawings at the factory prior to manufacture – ensuring that all aspects of the build meet any individual requirements before construction begins.

Alan Cartwright Foundation

In 2011, Alan Cartwright sadly passed away at the age of 73 – having become one of the most respected coach and commercial vehicle bodybuilders in the UK transport industry.

In recognition of Alan’s achievements – in particular the hard work and determination he showed when building the family business – Joint MDs, John and Steven, alongside their mother Joyce and sister Alison, set up The Alan Cartwright Foundation and The Alan Cartwright Apprenticeship Awards.

Each year, the latter recognises Tiger’s top-performing apprentices.

Powering up business

The start of 2018 saw Tiger Trailers join a host of globally recognised brands as a partner of the Northern Powerhouse – a scheme aimed at increasing the impact and contribution of the North of England to the UK economy.

We were the first trailer manufacturer and commercial vehicle bodybuilder to join the Northern Powerhouse and are now actively working alongside the other partners to realise the full economic potential of The North.

The invitation for Tiger to join was based on our ambitious growth plans, alongside a continued commitment to our celebrated apprenticeship scheme and excellent graduate training.

  • “We support everything the Northern Powerhouse stands for, including strengthening the local economy through investment in skills, innovation, transport and culture. We are incredibly proud to be growing our business here in Cheshire.”

    John Cartwright, Joint Managing Director

  • “As a rapidly growing, innovative manufacturer supporting hundreds of jobs in the local economy, as well as providing new opportunities for apprentices and young people at the beginning of their careers, Tiger Trailers embodies the dynamism and ingenuity of the Northern Powerhouse.”

    Jake Berry, Northern Powerhouse Minister

Tiger Tracks

Tiger Tracks is an annual publication that explores everything about Tiger Trailers. Learn about our company history, meet the team, discover the work that goes into the design and manufacturing process and, most importantly, take a detailed and closer look at our entire product range – with case studies, image galleries and full specification breakdowns.

You can download your digital copy now here

Or simply get in touch to receive your very own printed version.

Tiger Conservation

The tiger is recognised as a symbol of power, agility and strength – qualities that we incorporate into every trailer we build. Since day one, we have drawn huge inspiration from this incredible animal.

After a century of decline, it’s fantastic to see that wild tiger numbers have grown recently to around 3,890. This represents a significant improvement when compared to the estimated figure of 3,200 back in 2010, the year the 13 tiger range countries – countries where tigers still roam free, including the likes of Borneo, China, India, Malaysia and Nepal – committed to doubling wild tiger numbers by 2022.

We keep an eye on tiger populations around the world and are always happy to share some good news stories!

Indochinese tiger

Thailand discovered a new breeding population of this critically endangered tiger sub-species in one of its national parks – with at least six cubs found in the jungle. Considering that the global population of Indochinese tigers is thought to be less than 250, it’s a fantastic discovery. The success was most likely due to the stepping-up of antipoaching efforts.

Siberian tiger

Stricter anti-poaching laws have also seen the population of the Amur tiger – more commonly known as the Siberian tiger – come back from the brink. In the 1930s there were only 20 or 30 wild Amurs, but after the Russian government introduced measures aimed at boosting numbers, there may now be more than 500 in the wilds of Siberia.

Wild tigers back in Kazakhstan?

Though not traditionally associated with big cats, Iran, Turkey and Kazakhstan were once home to thriving populations of Caspian tigers – a sub-species that sadly became extinct. Now, a new initiative from WWF Russia has begun to reintroduce wild Amur tigers – the closest biological match to the Caspian – into the large and undeveloped Ili-Balkhash region of south eastern Kazakhstan.

Five tiger facts

  • Today there are five subspecies of tiger: Bengal, South China, Indochinese, Sumatran and Siberian.
  • Rare and beautiful white tigers carry a gene that is only present in one in every 10,000 tigers.
  • Tigers are the world’s largest wild cats; adults can weigh up to 363kg and measure up to 3.3m!
  • Tigers live for around 14 years.
  • An adult tiger’s territory can stretch from 20km to 400km!

You can download your digital copy here


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