Tiger has worked closely with Boughey to ensure every part of the trailer design meets their exacting specification, Darren Holland explains, “ When we sat down with Boughey, it was clear from the outset that they knew exactly what they wanted. Paul Brimelow, their Fleet Engineer, is well respected in the industry and he has a firm grip on his fleet’s whole life costs.


Many of the trailer design features are there to reduce running costs and increase operational efficiency. Tiger’s galvanised chassis paint-free option was specified, along with the ISO1496 flush over floor design, to allow movement of any product type in a safe manner. The roof is a clearspan unsupported design that complements the trailer’s compliance with the EN12642XL load retention certification, which is a first for Boughey. The distinctive Tiger front airfoil is specified along with strap stowage and rear flush fitting doors.

On working with Tiger Paul Brimelow commented, “We have been delighted with the whole process from start to finish. We looked at a number of trailer manufacturers and found the people at Tiger to be extremely accommodating and willing to engineer various aspects of the package to exactly suit our individual requirements. We specify a pretty standard trailer and incorporate ideas that we know work for us. The trailers are working well within the fleet and the attention to detail on specification and final “no paint” finish that Tiger have is excellent. ”

We have experienced a few minor issues but these have all been identified and resolved very quickly and without having to wait countless weeks and having to have numerous meetings. Tiger’s emphasis is to evaluate, produce solutions, action and move on. Tiger is a well-designed and engineered product and the people there are great to work with.”.