In April 2014, John and Steven Cartwright brought a new and exciting trailer and bodywork manufacturer to the motor transport industry.

Their vision was to create a modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, consolidated under one factory roof.

This vision was realised in Winsford, Cheshire and for the first time in over 20 years, a new UK manufacturer arrived in the marketplace and Tiger was born.

John and Steven were quickly joined by a highly experienced team of industry professionals and the building of Tiger’s factory began. In October 2014 after only six months, a lot of hard work and determination, the first Tiger trailers rolled off the production line.

Today this privately owned, family business is rapidly growing into one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and in a short space time, Tiger has attracted a high profile and diverse range of customers, from the haulage, logistics, retail and parcel sectors of the industry. Tiger looks forward to a bright future.


Combining a wealth of industry design expertise, the engineering and design team at Tiger is creating ‘next generation’ transport products.

The architecture of each model represents the very latest in highquality manufacturing.

Solidworks 3D CAD is used in the design and development of each Tiger model, ensuring that at each stage of the engineering design process, materials and assembly methods are tested and design challenges achieved.


Tiger’s innovative approach has already seen a number of customers benefit in increasing their operational efficiencies and capacity requirements. The double deck model range demonstrates this in a perfect way.

The combination of Tiger’s patent-applied-for hydraulic moving deck system (with the option of curtain or van bodywork) and the additional benefit of no pulleys or cables, is already giving customers reductions in both service and whole life running costs.


The essence of Tiger. Quality is at the forefront of all manufacturing principles, from the materials selected to the employees involved with the manufacture and assembly of each Tiger model.

A continuous improvement programme is employed, to ensure that both Tiger and the customer’s highest standards are maintained.


Designed to suit each customer’s individual requirements and specifications, each Tiger model is manufactured to meet the demands expected of a high-quality product, with optimum performance guaranteed.

From initial discussions to final specification, each Tiger customer benefits from a personal service, ensuring all individual requirements are met and their new Tiger integrates seamlessly into their fleet.