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The Tiger Trailers curtainsider range has been developed utilising more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience from within the team. The first Tiger trailer to roll off the factory floor in 2014 was a curtainsider, and since then more than 1,600 have been delivered to a wide range of customers, each providing a tough, durable yet flexible loading solution, and all to the EN 12642-XL standard.


Tiger Trailers manufactures lightweight box van trailers designed specifically for high-intensity operations, each one built to last. To date we have delivered more than 900 box van trailers to a range of high-profile customers.


Double deck trailers now constitute 30 per cent of our manufacturing output. With more and more Tiger customers moving toward double deck operations, we continue to build on a wealth of experience in the sector. With higher load capacity – whether as cages, pallets or loose loads – a Tiger Trailers double deck significantly reduces the number of journeys required, helping to improve operational efficiency alongside a range of aerodynamic options including sloping roof designs and side skirts.


At Tiger Trailers we have developed our own range of moving double deck trailers with Siamese-style direct drive hydraulic ram systems, instead of relying on the more traditional cable and pulley approach – which are prone to stretching, breaking and seizing. With both two and four ram variants available, our range of moving decks – which includes the UK’s first 52-pallet ‘wedge’ design – offer customers improved capacity, reliability and efficiency, particularly thanks to quicker loading and unloading. To date, we have manufactured more than 500 moving deck double deck trailers.


Tiger’s experienced manufacturing and design team also offers a full range of dry freight and temperature-controlled rigid bodywork options. Utilising powerful 3D SolidworksTM software, the design team works with existing chassis models from any manufacturer, creating an exact design to match all customer specifications. Rigid bodywork was introduced to Tiger’s production line in 2015 and we have since seen more than 600 rigids roll off the factory floor.


Tiger’s expertise also extends to demountable swap-body systems, which can be designed and manufactured to suit exact customer requirements, from chassis installation and body manufacture, through to the design and build of drawbar trailers to fit both tow hitch and tail lift variants.

  • “Tiger Trailers is a premium brand and the trailer products we now have in our fleet have been designed and manufactured to exacting standards. The expertise and experience behind the Tiger brand appears to be a good indication of a high-quality product.”

    Anthony Delaney, Operations Director, OnPoint Logistics

  • “Tiger stepped up to the challenge and the result has been an increase of seven cages, or 10 per cent. This will significantly improve efficiency and productivity for our customers, which is fantastic.”

    Andy McGuire, General Manager, Maxi Haulage

  • “We knew Tiger’s design team would be up to the task. They look at things differently to other manufacturers, placing the efficiency of the design at the forefront of the process.”

    David Ashwell, Managing Director for AO Logistics

  • “Our business lends itself to this demount body approach and Tiger really stepped up to the mark to ensure that these new additions were ideally suited to our needs.”

    James Stokes, Head of Logistics, Senator


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